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I'm looking to get my kids a 20 gauge semi-auto gas shotgun.

They are pretty young but are pretty leery of recoil.

With that gun and a full choke I took my only two turkeys, I also shot a couple ducks with it to.

I still have that gun and it now sports a full sized stock.

No issues on the deer with the muzzie, just the 410 and the turkey.

They will be using 8 foot lbs of recoil from Winchester 2 3/4, 980 fps 8 shot. I really do appreciate the concern, I'm just well past that point and got them anxious and ready to do more and more.

They are good with shooting a muzzle loader with 50 grains no problem, but I mistakenly got them a cheap, single shot 410 which they don't like because of the recoil, and of course the 15-20 yard range.

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After looking around I think the biggest problem you will have is finding a youth 20ga with fiber sights and camo, basically a turkey gun.They've all been shooting bows and guns since they were able. They've been through the paces early on and deserve a small game and bird gun that won't make them flinch.Small recurves and bb guns, then 22's, then 40 grain muzzleloader. The older 2 have already harvested their first deer and 1 turkey.I've gotta keep in mind too, that this gun will specifically be used for for turkeys primarily and then maybe some small game. I personally do not like camo guns or fiber sights.I never have and I have never gotten into the magnum mania which is weird since I am only 18.

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