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Produced by New Form Digital, the 12-episode series will be available on go90 starting on a date TBA in fall 2016.

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One set was clearly influenced by the aesthetics of various kinds of electronic and, dare I say it, dance music coming out of the UK and Europe and the other set were much more quiet and internal and used mostly, though not entirely, acoustic instruments.For a long time, I was kind of disappointed that my work as a recording artist and my work as a theatre composer seemed not to be interconnected at all. Or people in the theatre world asking me if I miss making records and touring as a solo artist. But creatively, working in these different mediums has been terrific--practically life-saving in the sense that I was starting to tire of writing pop songs around 2006 and wonder what I was going to do with the rest of my life.Having my day job as a composer and moonlighting as a recording artist/performer keeps it interesting if, sometimes, a bit much.I had also been listening to a young english band called The Wild Beasts who are influenced by the Blue Nile and Talk Talk and Japan and I love how their use of clean electric guitars with lots of processing--so that sound became another layer.All this to say it was a very deliberate and enjoyably unnatural process!

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