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If you are a little more reserved, understand that the aloofness might confuse your partner, so open up to him or her more.

Taking the time to get to know the differences in the way you both communicate will help your relationship go far.

Perhaps your partner will confront you with an idea you completely disagree with, which will then allow you to strengthen what you already believe in.

Or perhaps your partner will introduce you to something new, and it will change your opinion.

As long as there's a curiosity to learn and a mutual respect for each other's differences, exchanging new ideas will be the best part of your relationship.

Polar opposites tend to communicate differently, so it's important you guys have top-notch communication skills and work on strengthening them throughout the course of your relationship.

Then, once you've gotten to know the perspective of your polar opposite, you'll become good at understanding a variety of other different perspectives.

Because as you make your way through that relationship, you'll feel yourself becoming a better, more open-minded, more well-rounded individual. There's nothing that strengthens your own opinions more (or makes you question them more) than having someone challenge them.

You have incredible conversations, you are unbelievably sexually compatible, you share an intense respect for one another, and you have an immense curiosity in one another. While you were spending your high school years jamming to Top 40 radio, your partner was spending his or her's searching the depths of the Internet for the best Indie and R&B and acoustic artists. Before you started dating your partner, you never really thought about watching "The Godfather," but now you can proudly add that the list of movies you've seen.

Now, you get to discover these artists, too, and one might even become your new favorite. Perhaps your partner has a favorite show you'd never heard of, and now, you're addicted to it.

You know yourself better than anyone, so be honest with your partner about who you are.

If you're a little more direct, understand that maybe your partner isn't, so work out the best way for your partner to communicate his or her feelings.

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