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The coffin bears a series of unusual features that are likely related to the Persian Empire's deportation of artists.

[See photos of the ancient Egyptian coffin] "Many of the best artists in Egypt were taken by the Persians back to Persepolis and Susa as POWs and war booty — you can see their work in those places.

The violent explosion of magma had emptied the gigantic magma basin below the island, causing the collapse of the Volcano; billions of cubic meters of water fell-in the burning abyss: the sudden vaporization of the water must have unleashed a series of explosions that have destroyed what remained of the island, delivering 60-meter high waves that smashed both Crete and Egypt. Surely it was the end of Santorini and its civilization.

What is true is that the mystery of the existence of a disappeared island will always intrigue man - people will always try to identify Atlantis somewhere.

Below them are four jars bearing the heads of the four Sons of Horus, but the jars have a "goofy" appearance, Gibson said.

To an Egyptologist, this is a bizarre scene, Gibson said.

The Persian Empire was a vast entity that stretched from modern-day Afghanistan to the west coast of Turkey.

It is right that man, looking at the ocean, should worry thinking of a distant and inscrutable realm swallowed up in one day and one night by the sea and fire. The proud dream of an eternity shattered by nature's reawakening. TORONTO — An ancient Egyptian coffin with strange and amateurish decorations has been revealed, shedding light on a tumultuous period in Egyptian history when the Persian Empire was in control of the region. C., Persian King Cambyses marched into Memphis, the Egyptian capital, inaugurating a period of Persian rule that would last for more than a century.The artist was likely trying to draw falcons, a symbol of the god Horus, but drew them very poorly, Gibson said.A Mehen snake, a protective deity in Egypt, is also poorly drawn and actually stops at one point and starts in another, something strange for a protective deity.

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