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Mutual honesty, respect, and clear communication are key components of this.

When my wife and I travel, she is big into short cuts.

because when it comes to your high score, who doesn’t want to skip the boring levels?

Well, what test would he need to give YOU to prove YOU are worthy of his love? That you should be tested to prove you are worthy of love?

No one wants to play games when it comes to dating, but the reality is there's no way of getting around them -- except, that is, for this handy list of shortcuts.

I have seen over and over again how important it is to stay focused on what you want when it comes to making your dreams of finding love after 50 come true.

And that's why today I want to share three of them ... Get clear on what you really want to have happen in your love life.

you can use right away to make your own dreams of finding love after 50 come true. Do you want a friend, a boyfriend, a lover, a companion, or marriage?

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