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“I never had severe social anxiety, but I noticed that I found it hard to look people in the eye.

I became very lazy and unmotivated in my teenager years (I’m now 20), going to bed late, waking up late (often watching porn late at night and watching porn first thing in the morning for hours).

Because I was spending so much time masturbating and looking at porn, I didn’t have the energy or desire to spend time with friends.”Beyond the social issues, there is in fact a range of symptoms which are typical to those that use porn excessively.

The guys I spoke to on No Fap indicated that some or all of the following had happened to them (symptoms backed up in Gary Wilson’s own research): Clearly – in case you were still doubtful – pornography addiction is real.

Anon22 discovered Internet porn when he was just 12 years old. Just as crucial, however, is that the mechanics behind pornography addiction are completely natural.

Heavy reliance on porn is serious; it literally ruins lives, causing disruption in relationships, jobs, first person social interaction and other ways.

In order to understand the problem in more detail, I contacted some of the users of the Reddit group No Fap to get some first-hand accounts of their experiences.

This ever-growing group is a massive part of many addicts’ attempts to control their masturbation habits, or as they are called in the group, “PMO” (porn/masturbation/orgasm).

Reddit no Fap user m1610 recalled that the erectile dysfunction “meant I couldn’t really connect with my girlfriends or satisfy them the way I should have.”Is porn really worth that?As I write this, there are 18,928 “Fapstronauts” doing their utmost to exercise considerable self-control.Rather than boldly going where no man has gone before, these individuals are each trying to get their lives back on track following the realisation that they’ve become a little too close to their computers.We should consider the symptoms and compare them to those that we know of from other addictions; the similarities are shocking.You’re unlikely to start stealing to fund your porn habit, but just as drug users need increasingly larger doses and alcoholics find their intake rockets over time, so porn addicts struggle to gain gratification without a new supply of fresh, and sometimes weirder, material.

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