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Haunted by three failed marriages and bad relations with his children, he always struggled to win the respect he believed he deserved and felt forced to hide his sensitivity and artistic leanings.For 25 years until 1974 he was one of the world’s top box-office stars, yet he worked almost until his death not because of a love of acting, but because bad business deals and betrayals by friends meant that he never felt financially secure.She complained that he was often absent, even when not working.Wayne claimed family always came first but Pilar said: “Although he loved the children and me, there were times when we couldn’t compete with his career or his devotion to the Republican Party.”A womaniser to the end, he spent his final years living with his secretary Pat Stacy.

His second marriage, to Esperanza Diaz, was a volatile seven-year roller-coaster and his third wife Peruvian-born actress Pilar Pallette left him six years before his death although they never divorced.When diagnosed with lung cancer in 1964 he poignantly recalled: “I sat there trying to be John Wayne.”Surgery removed part of a lung but Wayne continued wheezing through a succession of mediocre Westerns to pay the bills, while rejecting stronger roles that didn’t fit his image, including Dirty Harry and The Dirty Dozen.“He intended to play only men who mirrored his own beliefs, his own values,” says Eyman.Yet while Wayne’s on-screen character was a man of constrained violence, in real life the actor was quick to apologise if his temper exploded.Wayne preferred the comfort of a yacht rather than a saddle and while his on-screen kisses may have been bashful, off screen he was a sex-hungry, unfaithful husband. He smoked up to six packs of cigarettes a day, consumed heroic quantities of booze and food, and made harsh demands of those around him.He often woke at dawn and roused his family because he disliked being alone.

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