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Have a look to see what is plugged in to the ring main to try and gage if the circuit is being over loaded.

Appliances like tumble dryers, dishwashers, washing machines and heaters can draw a lot of current when used altogether.

Sometimes, with old wiring, there will be no earth in the lighting circuit and this would cause a problem if metallic light fittings are installed.

If you have an MCB that trips on a regular basis then the chances are that you are overloading the circuit.

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If you have an old style fusebox with wire fuses then the answer is an absolute yes.

It has been assessing the electrical competence of electricians for nearly sixty years and currently maintains a ...continue reading"We have now used Swadlincote Electrical on two occasions for light fittings and general electrical work.

On both visits all the work was done to a very high standard and the property left clean and tidy.

Modern consumer units have RCD protection for ALL circuits.

You should think of your fusebox/consumer unit as the heart of your electrical installation and it is very wise to keep this up to date to the current standards.

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