Updating mysql data with php

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Each form is generated exclusively for each row of data retrieved.

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The whole logic of reading from database is written ...

You can use this function for both UPDATEs and INSERTs.

The Approach : Use a single UPDATE query, to update all records that match an existing primary key PHP Code Below is a production-ready function that handles the entire process for you, start to finish.

Rows that include a duplicate key are automatically ignored, but the My SQL result string doesn't offer any information about which rows were ignored. LOAD DATA was originally designed to handle rapid INSERTs of new data into a table. But in the real world, after inserting 1 million records into a table, you often need to efficiently and quickly update portions of that table.

Even if you only need to update 10% of the target table, running 100,000 UPDATE queries on a table with 1 million records, is going to take a while (minutes) As part of this post I'll describe a method we developed that allows us to reap the performance benefits of LOAD DATA for updating records in a table.

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