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My father only knew that his mother was adopted and we visited some of the Cass family in the early 1960's. All Other Information: I was wondering if you could help me. Sincerely, Patrick Burd Date Received: 9-27-2012Date Posted: 9-28-2012Last Updated: 9-28-2012Adoptee Birth Date: ? My parents passed away when I was in my late teens within a few months of each other.

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He became a doctor and moved to Blind River, Ontario, Canada in 1898, got married there in 1901 (to Marie Argue), became the town's first resident doctor, medical officer and coroner. A family friend told us he was adopted, but after that the trail went cold. Both adoptive grandparents died in Schenevus, NY in 1921 (Frances) and 1926 (Anson). Frances was 19 years old at the time of their marriage. At the time, she was married to my grandfather, James Homer Douglass and they resided in Schenevus, New York, Delaware County. I remember a lake with cottages and a riding stable that a cousin named Emory or Ellery Cass owned and it was called Lake 'O Meadows somewhere in upper NY state. My grandmother passed away on 3-24-1926 in Oneonta, NY, according to the death certificate. I submitted my DNA testing kit to Ancestry and the company received it last week. She was living in Swedish Township Potter Co, PA in 1900, 8 months before Harold was born, with her brother and his wife. Please contact me at any time, if you think I can provide more information.

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